Selected projects


SigmaFares finds fluctuations and errors in airfare pricing with high frequency and notifies user about potential deal. This results in significant savings as airlines honor issued tickets under certain criteria (not public). Example of routes found

Distributing scientific computing tasks with javascript

Easy to implement system for secure, silent, scalable and effective harvesting web user's computing resources.

Breaking hand ciphers using universal ngram visualization

Speedup for hacking hand ciphers by reducing the search for pattern in text data into visual pattern searching. (Slovak only)

Optimal strategy for exam taking schedule (PDF, 0.8MB)

Student examination system adopted by certain well-ranked universities in Czech Republic poses risk as this report presents and analyzes passing probabilities and devises strategy to save up to 50% of study efforts while securely passing the course.

Stock similarity

Visualizes companies whose stock value correlates the most (mathematica .nb file)

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